Pharma industry: bolstered by renewed optimism for 2021

The recent advancement in technology and rising awareness in healthcare are the major factors leading to exponential growth in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry is also bullish on the ever-increasing investments, new innovative start-ups, expiry of several essential patents, market share gains of existing products, inter-organizational partnerships and favourable regulatory norms. In spite of the pandemic blues, experts in the domain predict the industry in India to touch the US $100 billion by 2025 (1).

Let us enumerate some of the trends that have been forecast for this vital sector in 2021.

Welcome Artificial Intelligence

The continuous development in the niche area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other modes of digitization will continue to accelerate the drug discovery and development processes. AI simplifies the identification of eligibility criteria, the inclusion of patients and the cohort identification process, as well as renders it cheaper.

Many start-ups are using this new era of digitization to overcome the challenges faced by the industry – they are successfully coming up with practical solutions like automation of the manufacturing systems, effective marketing plans and path-breaking post-launch strategies (2).

Evolution in spending on medicine

Significant growth in medicine spending has been projected for 2021. This trend is expected to gain steady traction thanks to upcoming novel products as well as technological advancement – it is estimated to be in the tune of S1.4 trillion by the close of 2021, as per a report by IQVIA’s 2019 Global Use of Medicine (3).

Flexible production

The industry is exploring innovative manufacturing methods, such as small batches for precision medicine. Single-use technology will continue to gain more ground since it reduces downtime, enhances productivity and minimizes wastage. Biopharmaceuticals will carry more focus on them in 2021, riding on new bioreactor systems and steady growth in manufacturing processes.

Higher patient engagement

Pharmaceutical companies are expected to continue to reinvent their digital engagement for a seamless, consistent, intuitive and simplified customer experience. More meaningful collaborations with doctors for effective patient management is the order of the day. The companies will also look at newer sales strategies aimed at servicing customer needs more efficiently.

More global collaborations

The near-future will witness more global collaborations in key areas like R&D as well as drug manufacturing. These new partnerships forged internationally will be built on mutual trust and value systems. This will open up enormous opportunities for T-cell banking, development of novel raw materials and niche medicines. India and the United States of America are poised to play a pivotal role with regard to these futuristic tie-ups (1 & 2).

Shubham Pharmachem: Continuing its growth story

Being one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India, Shubham Pharmachem will continue to contribute to the growth of this industry. It is well-poised to further stamp its authority for its production of top quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, herbal extracts, nutraceutical ingredients as well as cosmetic ingredients. Supply chain protection, R&D investments, optimum utilization of the factories and ensuring continuity of supply by working closely with vendors will be the key focus areas of this top brand in 2021.


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