Spirulina – A rich addition to your diet

Spirulina – A rich addition to your diet

Spirulina, blue-green algae, is recognized as the biomass of the Arthrospira platensis, an oxygenic photosynthetic bacterium found prevalently in fresh and marine waters. [3] It is considered a microscopic and filamentous cyanobacterium, named after its spiral nature found within its filaments. It serves as a rich source of protein and is revered as a vitamin supplement in both contemporary and ancient societies. [3]

It possesses a long history of use amidst ancient cultures. Aztecs culture provides evidence of a long-standing tradition for growing algae in subtropical and tropical waters, typically with high salt content. This long-standing tradition was discovered by Spanish invaders, having witnessed the indigenous people belonging to the Aztec civilization growing “new food” in lagoons. [1]

It has a characteristic bitter taste but other ingredients can be added to improve its taste. It is available and is a significant part of supplements. It is a rich source of Thiamine (vitamin B1), Niacin (vitamin B3), Riboflavin (vitamin b2), Iron, Magnesium and Copper. It helps regulate proper muscle function and heartbeat. It also possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities. [3]

Modern society has a distinct way to cultivate Spirulina, armed with new knowledge concerning the optimal conditions required to grow it. These conditions include the amount of light, right temperature (up to 37°C), water quality and stirring speed, to name a few and dictate the cultivation process. The use of open ponds in the cultivation of Spirulina is a standard feature. [1]

Spirulina is touted as the “food of the future” due to its ability to bestow high energy levels to the consumer. Consisting of polysaccharides (Glycogen and Rhamnose) and essential fat, it is easily absorbed by the human body. It also increases the healthy lactobacillus in the intestine, which induces the production of B6 and imparts energy. [3]

Spirulina – A rich addition to your diet

Health Benefits espoused by Spirulina

The myriad of benefits provided by Spirulina is given in the following:


Benefits Mechanism
Kills Cancer cells


Spirulina is extensively studied for its potential role in cancer treatment. By possessing phycocyanin, it helps reduce inflammation, restrict tumour growth and has shown instances of killing cancer cells.


Improves Heart health


Spirulina plays several roles in regulating heart health. It lowers cholesterol levels, lowers triglyceride levels, keeps the arteries free of clots and ultimately reduces the strain of the heart.


Provides relief from allergies


As previously stated, the anti-inflammatory quality of Spirulina also provides relief from pollen, dust and animal rain allergies. It is also found a place in alternative allergy medications.


Bolsters the immune system


Being a rich source of vitamins E, C and B6, Spirulina supplies essential vitamins and minerals which helps the regular functioning of the immune system. It influences the production of white blood cells and antibodies responsible for fighting bacteria and viruses in the body. At an initial stage, studies reveal that spirulina can to treat herpes, flu and HIV though this research is not conclusive.


Regulates eye health


Spirulina has a significant store of zeaxanthin pigment which keeps age-related vision loss and cataracts at bay.



Spirulina – A rich addition to your diet

Side Effects

When harvested in the wild, Spirulina might be contaminated with bacteria and heavy metals. At high amounts, it may cause significant damage to the liver. Avoid using it for pregnant and breastfeeding women since there is inadequate safety information available for this sub-group. Bleeding disorders may result as a consequence of their ability to reduce blood clotting.

Spirulina may interact with certain medication, affects blood sugar levels and worsen symptoms of auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and arthritis. Consumption of Spirulina under a medical professional’s guidance is advised. [2]

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