National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week

‘National Nutrition Week’ was first marked by the ‘American Dietetic Association’ in 1975. The ‘Central Government of India’ adopted the initiative and launched a campaign in 1982, to educate people about the importance of nutritious food and encourage them to develop a healthy lifestyle. (1)

Every year, from the 1st – 7th September, this weeklong celebration receives warm response and active participation by nutritionists and experts, from all over the world, who share valuable information and insights on healthy eating habits and raise public awareness about good nutrition.

The theme for ‘National Nutrition Week 2021’ is ‘ feeding smart right from start’. (2) Various seminars, programs and workshops have been curated and launched by the central government to ensure that citizens and children receive the right information and knowledge about the benefits of a healthy nutritional diet, right from birth.

National Nutrition Week

Bharat Nutrition Week

The Integrated Health, in collaboration with Wellbeing Council, has decided to celebrate ‘Bharat Nutrition Week’. It is India’s biggest ‘good food and nutrition’ celebration that brings together Ministries, Government & Private Organizations, Global and National Level Health & Good Food organizations, Policymakers, Corporate & CSR Arms, Social Organizations & individuals to share the best practices, technology and solutions to fight against India’s Malnutrition problems. (3)

National Nutrition Week

Debunking diet myths with scientific facts

It is a well-known fact that nutrition is the key component of a healthy and balanced diet. Clean food and good nutrition helps in growth and development of children and also protects adults and senior citizens against the risk of diseases. However, there are various diet myth that have become popular without any facts to back it up. Let us debunk some of the commonly held misconceptions about nutrition. (4)

Myth 1: Carbs make you gain weight

Fact check: There are two types of Carbohydrates- simple and complex. Simple carbs found in processed foods, refined sugars and milk and milk products, lack the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrition needed by the body. Whereas, foods like whole-wheat breads and fruits, contain complex carbs that have good nutrients. It is wise to cut back on foods with simple carbs and switch to foods with complex carbs to maintain a healthy weight and lean muscle mass.

Myth 2: Fasting helps with quicker weight loss

Fact check: Fasting is definitely not a healthy way to lose weight. The body’s primary source of energy – ‘glucose’, is derived from carbohydrates. It is stored in the liver and muscles and released into the bloodstream as when required by the body. Within 8 hours into fasting, the liver is forced to use all the reserved glucose, putting the body in a state called ‘gluconeogenesis’ or ‘starvation mode’. Frequent fasting makes people lose more muscle mass than body fat.

Myth 3: High-fat foods are unhealthy

Fact check: High-fat foods such as avocado, whole eggs, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil and dark chocolate are extremely wholesome, nutritious and healthy. On the contrary, low fat foods and diet foods have a higher sugar and salt content. The body needs to consume foods rich in healthful fats to enhance hormone function, boost memory and help absorb vital nutrients. However, foods high in saturated and trans fatty acids such as in alcohol, processed and fast foods, should be avoided as they may increase the risks of heart diseases.

Myth 4: Health supplements imbalance your diet

Fact check: It is never harmful to consume health supplements along with a well-balanced and nutrient rich diet. Multi-vitamin supplements help provide the extra boost of nutrients to your body that are not consumed by you in your regular diet. They help to enhance the nutrient density of your diet by providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids within prescribed doses to fulfil nutrient deficiencies.

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