Nutritional Benefits of Sesame Seed Extracts

‘Sesamum indicum’, commonly known as ‘Sesame’ is an annual plant native to tropical areas in Asia, Africa and South America. It is known by various other names including Benniseed, Til, Goma, Gingelly, Wangila, Zhi Ma, etc. Sesame plants are among the world’s oldest cultivated plants and are over 4000 years old. (1) India and China are considered to be the largest producers of Sesame seeds commercially and export to several countries globally including Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Uganda and Sudan.

Potential health benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants and provide a host of health benefits. Let’s enumerate some of them below:

Fights infections

Sesame seeds are known for their antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help prevent cell damage and protect the body from diseases. It helps fight against staph infections, strep throat, and skin fungi. (2)

Maintains oral health

Sesame seeds help boost dental hygiene and gum health by getting rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Sesame oil and coconut oil are some of the most commonly used oils used in ‘oil pulling’- a traditional practice which involves swishing oil around your mouth to remove hidden plaque, odour and stains.

Lowers cholesterol

‘Phytosterols’ are plant compounds found in Sesame seeds that are known to help lower cholesterol. They effectively boost immune response and reduce the activities of free radicals and prevent the risk of cancers as well.

Prevents E.coli

The extract from Sesame seeds – ‘Konjac gum’ helps prevent gastro intestinal disorders and infections in the intestines caused by Salmonells and E.coli.

Balances blood pressure

The natural oils found in sesame seeds help to reduce hypertension and strain on cardiovascular system. This helps prevent cardiac diseases and maintain a healthy heart.

Manages diabetes

Sesame seeds are a great source of magnesium and acts as a vasodilator and also help lower the risk of diabetes. Sesame oil, when taken with regular Type 2 diabetes medication, has a positive impact and helps in the regulation of glucose and insulin levels and curb diabetic symptoms.

Strong bones

Sesame seeds are loaded with vitamins including calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous that are known to develop and strengthen the bones. They also help repair weak joints and bones and used in the treatment for osteoporosis. 

Prevents inflammation

Sesame seeds have antioxidants that help lower inflammation in muscles, joints and bones. They also help reduce pain and swelling caused due to arthritis. Sesame oil contains copper which helps strengthen and rebuild the walls of blood vessels and assist in the circulation of blood flow in the body.

Enhances glowing skin

Sesame seeds contain ample amounts of zinc which help in the formation of collagen and strengthening of muscle tissues. They can lower the presence of depigmentation, burns and marks on the skin and also help boost skin and hair health.

Boosts metabolic functions

Sesame seeds are also extremely rich in protein. Once they are broken down by the body into usable protein, it can help repair and promote the growth of healthy cells, enhance energy levels and boost metabolic functions.

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