Red Clover Extract – Producing Estrogen-like Effects

Red Clover Extract – Producing Estrogen-like Effects

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a flowering plant that grows 15-40 cm. high. It is a herb that belongs to the legume family, found abundantly in Europe, Central Asia and northern Africa. (2) It contains chemicals called phytoestrogens, similar to estrogen.

Red clover serves as a supplement that treats the symptoms of menopause, weak and brittle bones, breast pain, male-pattern baldness and other conditions. It also has blood purification properties and is revered for its potential to address hormonal imbalances because of its phytoestrogen content. (4)

Red Clover Extract – Producing Estrogen-like Effects

Menopause: Symptoms and Stages

Menopause, as the name suggests, is the timeline post 12 months when a woman has had her last menstrual period. The onset of Menopause generally occurs between 45-55 years. The woman at menopause has changed in the monthly cycles, hot flashes, mood changes, vaginal dryness, aching joints and pains. Women often experience other symptoms of menopause, such as weak and brittle bones and brain fogs.  This stage is referred to as Menopausal transition or Perimenopause. (1) Perimenopause refers to a transitional stage between pre-menopause and menopause. During this time, the ovaries slowly stop working, and as fewer eggs are released, the symptoms of menopause occur often. (1)

Red Clover Extract – Producing Estrogen-like Effects

Red Clover: How it works

Red clover’s brightly coloured flowers contain many nutrients, including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine and vitamin C. It is a rich source of isoflavones, compounds similar to estrogen. They are also supposedly beneficial for osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and bone health. Research states that red clover led to a decrease in the protein, PSA or prostate-specific antigen, found to be high in men with prostate cancer. Isoflavones bind themselves to estrogen receptors found on specific cells throughout the body. Their presence in the cells replicates the effects of estrogen. Their reactions resulting thereof are pretty beneficial as estrogen to the body. (3)

Red clover is available in several forms as teas, tablets, capsules, and liquid extracts, standardized with specific amounts of isoflavones, having other benefits as well.

Side Effects

Red clover is generally considered safe by the medical community. It does not have any severe side effects for most people. However, it can occasionally cause nausea, headaches and skin rashes. (4)

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