Supplements for the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Supplements for the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Oxide is an essential biological agent that plays a vital role in medical processes and is used in iron supplements. For many years, Iron Sulfate has been used as the primary iron salt for medicinal purposes, especially for the treatment or prevention of iron deficiency anaemia. However, owing to the strong side effects of Iron Sulfate, some new formulations of iron are being used nowadays. One of these new agents is Iron Oxide. (1)

This therapeutic supplement plays the role of an antioxidant compound by providing blood iron (Fe) to microorganism cells. Besides its vital role as an iron supplement, Iron Oxide also plays a breakthrough role in Biomedicine. (1)

Supplements for the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia

For a healthier you: [2]

Let us enumerate some of the manifold health benefits that are provided by Iron Oxide supplements.

  • Treatment of Anaemia: Iron Oxide supplements are very useful in treating Anaemia, one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world.
  • Bolsters haemoglobin levels: Iron leads to the formation of haemoglobin, the red blood cell protein with the primary function of transporting oxygen in the blood.
  • Reduces fatigue: Iron supplements rich in Iron Oxide supplements help manage unexplained fatigue that affects both men and women. This fatigue is responsible for tiredness that affects the daily routine.
  • Improves muscle endurance: Adequate iron levels are critical to providing the optimum oxygen necessary for muscle contraction and endurance.
  • Boosts immunity: The Iron present in Iron Oxide strengthens our immune system and enhances our body’s ability to ward off diseases and ailments.
  • Enhances our level of concentration: According to research, iron deficiency can lead to reduced cognitive efficiency. It thus plays a vital role in smooth cognitive functioning and bolstering our level of concentration.
  • Reduces bruising: Iron supplements aid individuals who bruise quickly owing to deficiency of the mineral in the body.
  • Restores sleep: Research has indicated a connection between low iron levels and sleep-related disorders, such as restless sleep, sleep apnea and insomnia. Restless sleep in autistic children can also be treated with Iron Oxide supplements.

Supplements for the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Side effects

Iron supplements may cause side effects, some of which are enumerated below: (3)

  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Staining of the teeth


Precautions (3)

  • Before consuming any Iron supplement, the family physician must be informed if the patient is allergic to any Iron products.
  • The doctor must also be informed about all the medications (prescribed and non-prescribed) the patient consumes to avoid harmful interactions with other drugs.
  • Patients suffering from haemolytic anaemia (a condition with a deficient number of red blood cells) should refrain from taking Iron supplements.
  • Inform the doctor if the concerned patient has ever had the problem of ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • The medicine is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Iron supplements manufactured for adults should not be administered to children.

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