Boost your metabolism with Gelatin

Boost your metabolism with Gelatin

Gelatin is a product made entirely of protein and small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Gelatin or its components are often taken by people as a supplement. Gelatin enhances the flavor, texture, and nutritional value of foods and is a common ingredient in soups, sauces, broths, candies, ice cream, gummies, and even cosmetics and medicines. It is also referred to as hydrolyzed collagen as it is irreversibly hydrolyzed from collage. It is also used as a gelling agent in food, beverages, and photographic films. For the purpose of cooking it is available in powder, granules, and sheet form. For intake, it can be consumed in the form of supplements.(1).

Gelatin boasts of several health benefits that are a result of its unique amino acid profile. Some of them are (2);

Improves joint and bone health: Gelatin has been used as a treatment for osteoarthritis as it contains an amino acid called lysine which helps strengthen bones. In a study, 80 osteoarthritis patients were given either a gelatin supplement or a placebo. Those who took the gelatin reported less pain and stiffness in their joints.

Improves the appearance of skin and hair:  One of the gelatin’s main components is collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin a youthful and healthy appearance once and maintains skin elasticity. Gelatin is a natural way to boost collagen and increase skin moisture and reduce wrinkles. It also has been shown to improve the thickness of hair.

Aids digestion: Gelatin aids digestion by stimulating the production of gastric juices. It binds to water, which aids in the passage of food through the digestive tract. Gelatin includes glutamic acid, a chemical that helps maintain a healthy stomach mucosal lining.

Boost your metabolism with Gelatin

One of the best foods for weight loss

Any effective weight loss regime entails monitoring calorie intake and getting regular exercise. However, a protein-rich diet is beneficial too. Gelatin is renowned for its low calories content and high protein levels. Protein makes people feel full and makes them less likely to overeat. It also hastens metabolism more than carbs or fats do. Gelatin thus has the advantage of boosting protein intake while still being low in calories. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day should be protein-rich. Mixing unsweetened, flavorless gelatin into eggs is a great way to add extra protein and texture to your diet. There are some forms of gelatin such as candies and marshmallows that have a high level of sugar content. These should be avoided and people should instead opt for healthier, low-sugar sources of gelatin whenever possible. (2&3)

Boost your metabolism with Gelatin

Risks and Precautions

One of the concerns surrounding gelatin is that it may increase the risks of animal-borne diseases, such as BSE or bovine spongiform encephalopathy. However, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have stated that gelatin obtained from cows is safe as long as the manufacturers and producers process it in accordance with safety guidelines. It should also be borne in mind that gelatin is an animal-derived product and is not suitable as part of a vegan or vegetarian diet. Gelatin can also cause allergic reactions. Gelatin has few known adverse effects. A recommended dosage is up to 10 g of supplements  up to 6 months. (2)

Boost your metabolism with Gelatin

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