Post-covid-19 trends in the pharmaceutical industry


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the pharmaceutical industry by providing a new impetus to enhance healthcare and wellness. It has pushed healthcare services to improve telemedicine, digital therapeutics, and decentralised clinical trials. It has also altered conventional marketing methods by increasing the need for online marketing. Post Covid-19, new trends have emerged within the pharmaceutical industry.


Changing Trends in the pharmaceutical industry post covid-19

The pharmaceutical industry has adopted some visible trends, highlighted as follows:

The digitalisation of the pharmaceutical sector

Since the onset of the pandemic, the most significant challenge has been mobility and access to healthcare. The pharmaceutical industry has taken nascent steps towards digital transformation. They use advanced machine learning algorithms and AI-powered technologies to accelerate drug discovery. With AI, adopting new drugs and treatments, economical treatment and cures, and lower operating expenses seem possible. Machine learning, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been leveraged to automate warehouses and driverless transportation. Drone-based deliveries are the real future in temperature-controlled pharmaceutical supply chains.

360-degree view of physician and patient

Big data in health care allows companies to increase customisation and efficiency in treatment. Worldwide databases store big data and help scientists and physicians use data information for research and innovation. It will impact partnerships, enhanced outcomes and the evolution of advanced healthcare and medicine compositions.


The E-pharmacy concept allows patients to receive their medicines on time. Rapid internet penetration creates awareness about health programs and services. The online registration process covers functional areas like patient care, lab services, medical records, online registrations and payments.

Food supplements

Another trend observed post-Covid is the patient’s inclination toward curative nutrition and prescribed vitamins and mineral supplements. By 2022, the nutraceutical market in India will be worth $8.5 billion and very lucrative for revenue generation.

Regulatory norms and compliance

Regulatory bodies have become flexible during the pandemic. Authorities have agreed to facilitate marketing authorisations, mainly for medicines and medical devices, essential during the pandemic. Regulators have established new review processes. Authorities are now reviewing documents faster than ever without compromising information quality, safety or validity. Their support and flexibility saved time and money.

These new trends in the pharma world have proved to be a boon in providing high-quality healthcare.


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