Entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical industry
Entrepreneurship is crucial to instil innovation in our developing and evolving society. The pharmaceutical industry offers several entrepreneurial opportunities. Between 2005 to 2022, its revenue has more than doubled, registering unprecedented growth. The pandemic and its impact The coronavirus pandemic has improved several pharmaceutical businesses’ reputations while also increasing their earnings. The future development potential...
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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the pharmaceutical industry by providing a new impetus to enhance healthcare and wellness. It has pushed healthcare services to improve telemedicine, digital therapeutics, and decentralised clinical trials. It has also altered conventional marketing methods by increasing the need for online marketing. Post Covid-19, new trends have emerged within the pharmaceutical...
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The Third Wave: Implication on the Pharmaceutical Industry
India’s third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is already underway, triggered by the Omicron variant. While some researchers have predicted that the third wave will reach its peak by February 3rd, others suggested it would arrive much sooner. [1, 6] With the Omicron variant being considered a “variant of concern”, prominent drug companies are bracing...
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