Regulate Type 2 Diabetes with Imeglimin
Imeglimin is an oral anti-diabetic medicine that helps regulate an individual’s diabetes. It also inhibits the hepatic genesis of glucose and restores normal insulin secretion. Type 2 diabetes, also known as Diabetes Mellitus, is a condition that affects over 380 million people worldwide. It is anticipated to climb to an alarming 590 million or more...
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Dapagliflozin treats type 2 diabetes mellitus alone or in conjunction with other medications. It aids in blood sugar regulation, lowers the risk of severe consequences from diabetes, and shields against heart disease. By preventing glucose absorption in the proximal tubule of the nephron and inducing glycosuria, it helps individuals control their blood sugar levels when...
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Lower blood sugar levels with Canagliflozin
Canagliflozin is a sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGL T2) inhibitor used by itself or other medicines to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. It helps control the high blood sugar levels in diabetes, working on the kidneys to prevent the absorption of sugar back into the body. The excess sugar is rid of the body through urine...
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